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Pleasure Point bong


Pleasure Point Bong is part of a line of accessories designed by Summerland, a California company. Let's face it, we are a long way from the classic 90s water pipe model. Its modern look and clean lines are more for the sophisticated smoker who will appreciate this work of art at its true value.

Summerland only uses high-end products in its manufacturing process, such as enamel and food-grade ceramics to avoid the release of toxic products during carburation. And then a silicone eyelet of superior quality to prevent any leakage during inhalation. In other words, you are getting the only best.

Now, why smoke with a bong? First, because it is one of the healthiest ways to consume smoke. Think of the accumulation of tar visible at the mouth of your pipe or cigarette. The process of percolating water into a bong acts as a filter and a barrier for many harmful substances carried in the burnt smoke. In addition, inhaling the smoke through the long tube of the bong allows the smoke to cool and be softer, especially if there is ice.


MAINTENANCE: See our maintenance guide in the "Attachments" tab


ORIGIN: Handmade in San Francisco, California, USA

* This piece is handmade, it is unique. Variations in color, size and shape are possible.
* Smoking could affect your health.

* You must be 19 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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