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Handmade copal incense cones


Handmade copal incense cones.
Since the dawn of time, copal incense has been considered sacred to the people of Mexico, as well as South and Central America. This goes back as far as Mayan and Aztec cultures. Massive amounts of copal resin were burned on the Aztec and Mayan pyramids as offerings to gods and deities. In the Mayan ruins, copal was discovered in the burial grounds, thus proving its spiritual significance.

Copal is a natural tree resin located between two states: it is neither a hardened resin nor a sap. Copal resin comes from trees of the family Burseraceae, considered medicinal trees by the Mayans of southern Mexico. These medicinal trees are traditionally used to rid the body of diseases and to keep mosquitoes away.

Some people swear by the copal incense during their meditation sessions for the positive energy it brings them, others will tell you that it is essential to purify the energy of spaces, places and objects. We simply love it for its slightly woody scent like pine or turpentine and because it's just pretty to look at.

Packages of 3.



APPROXIMATE DIMENSIONS: Each cone measures approximately 7.5cm by 2.25cm (3 "by 7/8")

PROVENANCE: Handmade in Alberta, Canada.

* This piece is handmade, it is unique. Variations in color, size and shape are possible.

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